Canoebook is a event booking system for watercraft and outdoor event companies featuring basic HR, inventory management, group order and payments, and a state of the art and programable pricing and discounting engine.

Because the this is proprietary software behind and intranet, more screenshot’s have been requested from the client and I should have them up soon!.

Glen Oaks

This HR scheduling software was built for Glen Oaks, an up-scale country club in Long-Island, New York. Main features include a Nuxt.js/Vue.js Application, dynamic interface updates, realtime budget calculation, as well as standard features like employee management, and easy printing.

Employee Management

Schedule Creation

Shift Creation

Shift Assignment

Convienient Printing


I have a large number of server-side and command line applications that don’t have a graphical interface. Some of these include:

  • a PDF Imaging software I wrote for an auditing firm’s workpaper system
  • an NMAP stealth packet analysis scan detector
  • ad audiobook generator using nueral network enhanced text-to-speach using AWS Polly
  • an automatic website citation generator
  • a security log auditor for linux systems
  • brute force intrustion detection system with discord notifications
  • a productivity manager for college students (website pics coming soon!)
  • and many more..

In the near future I will be collecting what screenshots, descriptions, and github respositories I can to display on this portfolio.

Thank you for your patience!

Sincerely, Ryan


Upwav is a simple, beautiful way to host and share audio with a focus on responsive mobile usage. Complete with social features like likes, followers, and feeds. Built with a scaleable microservice architecture.

Status: Under Development
Total Development Time: 2.5 Weeks

  • Technologies
    • Adonis.js (Backend/API)
    • Nuxt/Vue.js (Frontend)
    • MySQL (Database)
    • Minio (Object Storage)

UI/UX Demo